Foreign Exchange Service

How to save money

4 nov 2019

How to save money

This service is usefull for anyone who wants to change euros for international currencies, for example dollars to euros or euros to pounds, yuan to euros,etc...

Gambedotti Real Estate provides this service to its costumers in partnership with one of the UK's leading global foreign exchange and international payments companies. They have 180,000 registered clients in 50 different countries, who entrust them to manage their global payments, in 200 different currency.

This means your money goes further, because the exchange rate is higher than the rate you receive from your bank.

Our partners's currency specialists will manage all of your international money transfers, they will offer you specific guidanceon the currency markets and best options for making money transfers at the best exchange rates through our range of different payment solutions.

Our partner company offer you great benefits to make your international payments process safe, quick and easy.

  • Great exchange rates
  • No hidden transfer fees
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Same day payments on selected currencies
  • Fexibility to trade online or over your phone

Reasons for choosing this service:

  • No commission fees
  • Personal account manager
  • Fixed rates
  • Fast same day payments
  • Free guides on selected currencies

Ideal for you:

  • Buy and sell overseas property
  • Make mortgage payments overseas
  • Collect rents on overseas property
  • Moving abroad
  • Purchasing high ticket items (cars, boats, etc)
  • Receiving pension payments
  • Paying university tuition fees
  • Paying medical expenses
  • Receiving overseas inheritance

Security for your funds

Customers funds are always protected.

All UK and international regulations relating to client funds are complied with.

All client funds are deposited in a separate account.

These accounts are only used for clients transactions and they are protected from creditors by law.

The company is regulated and authorised by the FCA as a Payment Service firm (FRN 504592) Anti-money Laundering regulations (HMRC) and Data Protection (ICO)

For further informations contact our offices to complete the registration form or call us now!!

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